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Studio sessions are by appointment only.

The studio is open for appointments

Monday-Friday – 9am-7pm

Saturday-Sunday – 10am-4pm

Organic Headshots

2418 W. Bloomingdale Ave., Suite 210

Chicago, IL 60647

(312) 912-8321


Since 2005, Organic Headshots has been a Woman-Owned Business offering the best natural portraits in Chicago.

I first got into photography when I was 16 and found the 1981 Chinon my dad bought when I was born (and now we all know exactly how old I am). In college I studied cinematography and darkroom processing and majored in film theory (with a minor in Forensic Anthropology—- who says your undergraduate degree has to make sense?). After college I started a career in marketing while spending my nights and weekends in a homemade darkroom, learning more about headshots specifically and what makes a good headshot. As more and more people sought me out for headshots, I switched careers to make photography my 100% priority, and making everyone look natural, confident, and just plain great in their photos.
Photographer/Owner: Michelle Kaffko
In college, I studied Elementary Education and Spanish while working on my school's newspaper as a photographer and then photo editor. I gained some recognition for my photo work and my love for photography continued to grow. When I graduated, I decided to make photography my occupation. So I joined various professional photographer's associations, began showing my work in exhibits, made wonderful contacts in the photo world, and found some amazing clients. I feel so incredibly honored every time I have the chance to photograph someone. I have learned over time how to direct a photoshoot to get the best out of my subjects, to help them feel less nervous and more confident and to come up with a product that they'll truly be happy with.
Photographer: Genevieve True
I've been a working photographer in Chicago for over a decade, and have taught at The Chicago Photography Center, as well as served on their Board. My passion for the city is matched only by my love of exploration and journalism. I have traveled from Spain to Indonesia hunting photos, and my work has been featured in the Chicago Reader, the Chicago Tribune, the Redeye, and more. With a background in production, corporate photography, and specializing in portraiture, I have taken portraits of CEOs and presidents of large international companies, as well as moonlighted as a food photographer.
Photographer: Alexander Gouletas
I've always had a love for photography since I was a kid, which I totally blame my dad for. When we moved here from the UK, I decided to combine my love of music and photography together and became a live music photographer. Within just a few years, I managed to shoot bands such as Metallica, Bon Jovi, U2, and many more. In 2019, I made the decision to become a full-time freelance photographer, and started to include corporate events. I love getting to meet new people at every event and to photograph people when they are enjoying themselves. Getting to say I was part of the photography team when the NBA All-Star Game came to Chicago has definitely been a highlight so far with Organic Headshots!
Event Photographer: Kirstine Walton
I have been an artist from a young age when I was a lollipop guild munchkin in “The Wizard of Oz” and never looked back. I studied musical theatre at Ball State University, and I’ve been a working actor and a theatre educator teaching musical theatre classes for children. Working with other talented artists at Organic Headshots is a dream come true! I understand the need for a genuine connection between a photographer and their subject to create great work, and I’m happy to play a part in making that happen!
Studio Manager: Shea Pender ​

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Over 15 years, thousands of corporate headshots and event photos have been taken for large and small firms including:

We’re certified as a Woman-Owned Business (WBE) and Woman-Owned Small Business

Member: Chicago Loop Alliance
We’re a woman-owned business: WBE and WOSB certified.
Our studio is wheelchair accessible

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