$127,000,000 protected in total across 37 different states in 2019 alone.


$121,000,000 protected in total across 37 different states in 2020 alone.

Here are some happy-ending stories of this month’s protected families:​

Clayton Smith:
Smith Family, Ohio

When our dad turned 70, he started to pause while he speaks… then do the same thing again even when he already did it seconds ago… then ask the same questions over and over… then he started forgetting our names. It was time to seek help. And we couldn’t do it on our own. My siblings and I found a decent-looking facility here in Ohio, and they said they would take care of him because he began to need someone by his side almost every moment of the day.

We were happy we had found care for him. Until they told us what it would cost.

$7000 per month. I make half of that, and my brothers do, too, not considering expenses.

We took a look at the family’s savings and saw that we could afford to keep dad in the facility, at least for now. But every day, the money started vanishing fast. And with it, our plans for the future.

Dad had planned to let us use the money, so each of us can put money down on a home and send our kids to school.

In a matter of months, what could have been my sister’s first home payment became a 5 figure nursing bill. Half of our money was gone, and our hopes were halfway gone too.

One night of intense and faint desperation, I had found a solution. I met Joshua from Nursing Home Trusts, who told me how to stop paying that horrifying amount of money if I simply had the right information and legal tools.

I didn’t have to do any guesswork.

Joshua did everything he could, and I just had to tell him about my family. Fast forward a week later, I had my family’s financial safety net in my hands. And it didn’t cost me anything.
I expected another big bill in my mailbox that I was ready to pay out of desperation. 

“Now, thanks to Joshua, our family’s life savings are safe in nursing home trusts.
And my dad is well taken care of. I regret something, though…And that is not having discovered this earlier.”

I’m 55 years old, and my parents, John and Lydia, are 80. They were never rich, but they had accumulated a nice nest egg thanks to their hard work and frugal living.

Mom would say that we make ourselves rich if we make our wants few. I love my mom, but I couldn’t just get rid of the “want” of having to pay an exorbitant monthly bill.

Anyway, I met this woman called Anne, and she told me she could help me reduce monthly payments. I dismissed her at first because I’m not interested in paying more money, much less to lawyers.

I was wrong for doing that because Anne wasn’t a lawyer.
But she offered me the things lawyers would bankrupt me for.

“After talking to her about my parent’s situation, she ran some numbers, pulled out some papers, and said I could protect $25,000. I didn’t have to do anything else.

Now my parents’ monthly bill is just a few hundred dollars.”

Daniella Emerson
Emerson Family,
North Carolina

Alberto Dias
Dias Family,

When my family arrived in this country, we had $100 to our name. My wife, God bless her, was with me since we meet at 18 years old. She was by my side on every up and down I have suffered and enjoyed on our journey to the American dream.

I have gathered enough funds to live a happy, peaceful life. One that she deserves. The nursing home in our area was in the way of my beloved wife’s peace.

And I had to do something because I didn’t know, and still don’t know, how many moments of lucidity she had left.

When the moments ran out, we both would spend our golden years robbed of the resources she had helped me create thorough my life.

I had to do something quick and after a long, heartfelt prayer, the Lord sent Joshua, God bless him, to me.

“I don’t know what magic Joshua did, but that darned nursing home was no longer in the way of my wife’s peace and mine.

Thank you, Joshua.

Without you, I wouldn’t have had the clarity to sift through the paperwork and uncertainty.

I look forward to taking my wife around the world when we are not in the facility with the $44,000 we saved.”

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