This is your time to define a life

Galloway Ridge isn’t designed to shrink your world — in fact, you’ll find life here is fuller than ever! Not only are a host of clubs and organized events offered every day on campus — there are also plenty of local sights to explore in beautiful surrounding Chatham County, whether you feel most at home on the nature trail or out with a shopping bag. Pursue your favorite pastimes — and maybe a few new ones — in the company of like-minded community here at Galloway Ridge.

Campus Grounds &
Outdoor Spaces
The well-groomed landscaping and outdoor amenities at Galloway Ridge make our campus a great place to explore. We encourage our residents to get outdoors and enjoy the fresh air in our many outdoor spaces, gardens, and trails.

Clubs & Organizations
The list of clubs and organizations at Galloway Ridge is constantly evolving. They’re a reflection of what our community is interested in, providing a place for residents to discover new friendships and learn (or teach others!) new skills.

“Living at Galloway is more than changing your residence, it is changing your lifestyle. It is what we envisioned a retirement should be.”


Galloway Ridge is located just outside of Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill, a group of cities also known as the Research Triangle. Research Triangle Park is the biggest area for research in the United States, and with that distinction comes a bright and lively cultural scene. In addition to great minds just next door, live entertainment, concert venues, and world class art museums abound. Finish off any day with your pick of lauded local restaurants, sure to satisfy even the most seasoned of foodies.


We love our location, a campus in the heart of beautiful, bustling Chatham County. Here at Galloway Ridge, we’re committed to being an active part of the surrounding community. In addition to community volunteer work, we make it a point to offer on-campus events that are accessible to non-residents, and many of our residents participate in events outside Galloway Ridge as well.


For a better understanding of the layout of the Galloway Ridge campus and community, use our interactive map. This handy tool shows you where to find the different neighborhoods, amenities, and activity venues throughout the property. Explore at your leisure to get a feel of what our residents enjoy every day.