Frequently Asked

Yes! Quality is not measured by the medium being used (pun-intended!). The internet is an incredibly effective platform in transferring significant messaging to each person. In fact, the internet has allowed many family members and friends to participate in group readings from multiple locations through Zoom. We all are aware of the hearty intimacy that’s possible when we’re in the same physical location. Live, Medium Privates, and Events are being planned now under Covid Guidelines from 2021.
Working with Mediums will empower you to develop faith in listening to your loved ones. A Medium communicates information that you may not be able to hear because of your relationship to that person, for example, grief or doubt can get in the way. However, you’re always intuitively able to feel their love by quieting the mind and perhaps meditating. Medium messaging can be unbiased and offer specific actions for your journey that are purposeful. The Medium is in the middle and is a messenger of Unconditional Love from the other side.
Definitely. Included in the tens of thousands of readings accomplished, many clients have been seen regularly. There are times in all of our lives where we need help and guidance until we make or embrace the CHANGE. Your loved ones are always around to conference and comfort you. Spiritual counseling is also offered when needed, and many clients have annual “check ups”.
Yes, of course. Healthy skepticism is okay! If you have fear about a Medium reading then you probably have other fears in your life as well. The fear needs to be addressed, not the Medium message. There can’t be any bad news. The fact that you’re excited, interested, and learning something new about yourself and you’re willing to challenge a belief system is healthy! Discovering education about life and after-life is transformational. It’s very exciting and any nervousness often means that you’re going to experience something NEW! We call them truth tremors and truth bumps!
It’s mandatory that you tape your session/message. You’ll listen to it over and over again and hear more than you did before. You can also reference the psychic phenomena when it happens later!
Everything. The past, present, and future. They involve your living relatives and those that are on the other side. Finances, relationships, health, home improvements, business consulting, down to what’s on your kitchen table may be discussed! They also can confirm conversations you’ve had. They’re no longer in the body and do not have judgments, and sometimes playful opinions!
Yes! Please relax and privately connect to your loved ones and ask them to be a part of your session! I encourage you to arrive in a relaxed state of mind so you can feel more and optimize the time together. Have your recorder ready on a separate device (please use a second device if virtual) for the Medium session. Your cell phone can record on “voice memos” or “voice recorders”, and there are many free apps that you can download to your device as well.
Yes. This is further answered in my book, Medium Memoirs, Messages of Love, Hope and Reunion. Basically, all spirits can arrive for your session, and then it’s sheer time and their ability to connect. Each reading essentially could last for hours. Whoever does come through is because that’s the most significant messaging that’s purposeful in your Life, right now, given the allotted time. We optimize our sessions by multi-messaging consistently and take questions if necessary. The sessions are more than you could ever imagine, and that’s the point! It will move you physically and emotionally.
Yes. Meditation, yoga, and mindfulness practices have a long history of use for calmness and physical relaxation improved mental balance and enhances overall health and well-being!
Yes, you will achieve a personal, specific message if you are in a private scheduled group reading. For some participants, it’s comfortable to be with other group members that they don’t know. Achieving personal messaging and feeling the empowerment of supporting others in love is phenomenal. We’re all connected and so are the spirits!
Readings are shared randomly throughout the audience. The spirits multitask and you may achieve a message or you may hear a message for yourself through someone else’s readings. If you want to achieve your specific messaging then request a private to ensure you connect!