Alaine Portner is a gifted evidential Medium, compassionate spiritual teacher, experienced meditation coach and accomplished author. Through her exceptional skills as a Medium, she makes a difference in the lives of people across the globe through communication with the departed. Transformative spiritual experiences are her intention that empowers all of us to develop our own Intuition and connection to our loved ones.


Signs are the language of love from the universe that only you can personally interpret! Mediums can deliver your personal messages that you may not be able to hear at the frequency of your relationship to your self, soul or body.

As you develop your own intuition you realize that you’ve been in concert with your authentic self from birth, unless circumstances, doubt or loss has created separation from truth. When you’re in alignment you’ll hear, clear direction and love from above regularly.

Meditation is an important “plug in” or “password” to your personal experience. Practicing peace everyday allows you to hear life at a higher frequency. As you begin to create more balance in your life, you’ll see, sense, know, hear and feel synchronicity. You can stay connected to your loved ones and spirit guides and never feel “lost” again. Grateful you’re finding pathways to your heart on your enlightened journey.

Transform with alaine

Medium Readings

Direct, informative evidential messages from your loved ones and spirit guides that expand your soulful existence.


Improve your concentration, reduce stress and enhance your emotional well-being. Beginners welcome.


Join a live audience of like-minded souls as Alaine delivers powerful messages and strengthens your intuitive development through mindfullness practice. Her mastery of divine dialogue is a must-see!