Wild Coffee Content has designed wide-reaching plans that create the opportunity for you to have a content team ready at all times. You can choose your delivery date and customized the frequency of your content, all while receiving real-time alerts and communication through our in-app portal. From targeted email campaigns to SEO-optimized content and white papers, the team at Wild Coffee Content provides the writing you need to yield success.

Landing Page

Starting from: $60$120
  • Cultivated call to action
  • Informative content to retain customers
  • Timely message that promotes further interaction
  • Unique and informative content for SEO
  • An imperative component to your online marketing strategy, Wild Coffee Content creates custom landing page verbiage with a targeted call to action. Get the information you need for success with an expertly designed landing page.

Blog Posts

Starting from: From: $60 / month for 12 months
  • Offer a variety of plans to help you achieve SEO goals
  • Timely writing with a keen eye on current trends and search terms
  • Lasting content for backlinks and static information
  • Content created with social media sharing in mind
  • An ongoing content strategy is key to SEO success. Blog posts allow your company to highlight timely content and speak to current trends and fads. Our content creation team can provide monthly blog post writing and editorial calendar maintenance, or just assistance on an as-needed basis.

White Paper

Starting from: $80$375
  • Promote growth to your email list
  • Provide information and solidify your brand as an expert within you field
  • Wild Coffee Content provides cohesive writing in your chosen voice
  • Research is thorough, creating a polished white paper that is usable in a variety of settings
  • White papers have become the gold standard for placing your company as an expert in your field. An integral part of your online marketing strategy, white papers build brand, generate leads, and promote an environment of trust for customers following your brand.

Web Page

Starting from: $60$180
  • Strong links within the page encourage site exploration
  • Enticing verbiage that informs and excites consumers
  • Evergreen content that speaks to the efficacy of your company
  • Wild Coffee Content provides SEO driven content that excels in search
  • Home page content differs from other website content because it is responsible for drawing customers in and encouraging them to go deeper into your site to obtain more information. Wild Coffee Content’s team of creative writers will provide you with SEO driven content that works to build your brand.

Product Description

Starting from: $15
  • Creative content that focuses on the benefits of your products
  • Competitive analysis that helps you stand above your competition
  • Engaging descriptions that encourage interaction
  • Wild Coffee Content provides optimized descriptions that rank well in search
  • Engaging product descriptions help consumers make informed decisions and encourage click-throughs for product purchasing. Shopping online is big business, and product clarity is imperative to purchasing decisions.

Press Release

Starting from: $95$180
  • Press releases will follow AP style and be suitable for print in a variety of publications
  • Allow your company to announce mergers or record sales on an industry-wide level
  • Includes headline and subhead with SEO power
  • Creates a call to action to drive traffic back to your website
  • Have something new to announce? A press release goes beyond your typical customers to inform media outlets and industry newsmakers about your products, offerings, mergers, and pertinent news.

Email Content

Starting from: $150
  • Curated content that informs and entices customers to action
  • Campaigns can be targeted to specific needs, such as abandoned cart
  • Fresh information and current event specific content can be built
  • Email content can be bundled with landing page content to create a cohesive campaign
  • Email content is highly targeted and must be kept short with a powerful call to action. Wild Coffee Content can target a variety of email content campaigns to match your company’s specific needs.


Starting from: $120$500
  • Wild Coffee Content provides consistency in tone and voice
  • Deadlines will be respected, as we understand the nature of the marketing behind E-books
  • E-books can be used as part of a larger email marketing campaign
  • E-books can be hosted on an expertly written landing page to provide additional marketing information about your consumers
  • E-books serve as an efficient marketing tool for list building and allow your company to give in-depth information in an easy to distribute format. E-books can be written with a narrow focus and build trust and authority for your company within your chosen industry.

Social Media Posts

Starting from: From: $50 / month
  • Social media calendars targeted for optimum performance
  • Can be tied to larger campaign strategy and incorporated with other offerings
  • Writing is optimized to bring engagement and encourage click-through to website
  • A robust social media influence doesn’t happen by accident. The team at Wild Coffee Content provides professional social media content that allows your brand to stand out above the competition.


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